Women in Sport – What we shared!

  • Some of the problems raised by participants:
    • Can be easier to get women to participate in ‘peripheral’ activities like 5- or 7-a-side but not the main club activities.
    • User-generate content on facebook etc can be a vicious circle if it projects an image of a predominantly male club.
    • Retention is a challenge, but reaching new female members is trickier.
    • Ageing is a barrier to participation by both sexes, but maybe sooner for women.
  • Some bullets summarising the key points Heather made in her presentation:
    • The values produced by Women in Sport came from research with women from across the country, across ages and social groups. They show that different women engage with sport in different ways and
    • But everyone will want to be made a clear offer of how a sporting activity will align with their values, so that might mean producing multiple marketing materials – i.e. some which appeal to competitive sportswomen and some which appeal to socialisers (provided your club offers both options).
    • A good start is to review what type of values your club offers. Survey your members (and those who haven’t returned) to see what their values are and whether your club is meeting (or didn’t meet) them.
    • Marketing materials should include pictures of real, relateable role models. Women need a realistic image of what they’re turning up to. If it’s a social session, show it. If its
    • Behind that, some women like more details to answer any questions that might put them off coming along (especially novices), e.g. what kit do they need, what’s access like, who should they talk to when they arrive?
  • Actions clubs can take forward:
    • Use the values: to evaluate all the communication you’re putting out…not every piece of communication needs to speak to all the value, but it should be clear about those it’s speaking to.
    • Review what your club values are, and survey your members (or potential members who didn’t come back) to see what their values are.
    • Review you website and marketing materials. Do they embody the values? Do they give equal prominence to women? Are all members of the club living the values in user-generated content?
    • Sign up to the Women In Sport newsletter and browse their website for some handy materials.
    • The London Royals webpage is an example of doing some work to make their website more attractive to women and to people looking for social hockey. As a committee, take a look and critique how it’s used the values and what message it’s sending out with its images, content and layout. Then do the same with your club materials and see if there’s anything to change/improve.

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Jingle Balls – Ho Ho Ho!


As we get our festive frocks on and start dreaming of setting that out of office for Christmas, most are starting to think about where to find that perfect, quirky gift for those special people in life. For that fabulous but hard to buy for one, London Titans FC are here with a charity auction and prize raffle stuffed full of festive and fruity prizes, all to be auctioned off by some cabaret royalty.

The auction and raffle will be held on Sunday 10 December at The Two Brewers, Clapham, with all proceeds donated to the GMFA, London’s leading charity addressing gay men’s health and HIV prevention.

Further information click here

Gay Games – Registration Update!

Greetings Everyone,
Before Christmas fully descends upon us all, we just wanted to update you on the registration process with Gay Games 10. in Paris.
GG10. now have over 5000 registrations and are hoping to reach 6000 by the end of December 2017. The Smart Price registration of €175 ends on 31st December 2017. Register before then to take advantage of this rate. Registrations after this date will increase to “Standard Fees” of €185. 
Don’t leave it too late!
Out For Sport Team!

Swim England has released the first ever guide to engaging trans people into swimming.

This coincides with the 2017 Rainbow Laces campaign which is currently taking place, celebrating LGB&T inclusion in sport.

The new guide supports pool operators and clubs. It provides insight and advice on giving trans people the best experience of swimming possible.

The guide is designed to broaden understanding of what it means to be trans. It explores language and terminology, outlines what the barriers are for trans people when going swimming, and most importantly, how to address those barriers. It aligns with our Three Frontier model for growing swimming participation.


Gay Games – Accommodation & Travel Update

Hi All,
If anyone is having a struggle with accommodation for the Gay Games in Paris then please feel free to peruse the information the FGG have provided:
It may be of use to you in your planning stages?!
If you want to partake in the Eurostar train ticket offer then please contact niko@martikas.com. There is more information on our website blog further down of this special deal. The deadline for booking is 3rd December!! PLEASE NOTE Martikas are not accepting credit card payments so you will have to liaise with them directly over invoicing and payment options.

Are you ‘Out on the Pitch’? Share your story!

The University of Strathclyde, funded by the Wellcome Trust is currently working on a project investigating LGBT sport and its effects on mental health since the 1970s. The project is called Out on the Pitch, and more information can be found here: http://bit.ly/OutonthePitch

A part of the project is to collect oral history interviews with LGBT people who participate in sport at all levels, and we are looking for interviewees. The interview would last one to two hours, and be in a location of your choice (or over skype for instance). The interview would concentrate mainly on your life in sport, your sexuality, and the effect that participating in sport has had on your mental health. We’re interested in talking to you if you have a particular story to tell or if you don’t, and regardless of age or background.

The interviews will be stored at the Scottish Oral History Centre, and you will be in control of your interview and data, and may remain anonymous if you wish.

Please get in touch if you are interested in participating in the project, or if you have any questions: Daniel.callwood@strath.ac.uk<mailto:Daniel.callwood@strath.ac.uk>, @dancallwood on Twitter or on +447817068073.