Wutian Martial Arts Institute

We run After School programmes and Anti-Bullying programmes specifically designed for young children to get more active outside of their classrooms.

Children are exposed to the concept of self-protection and conflict resolution at an early stage. By joining Wutian, we build self-esteem and confidence in your child through martial arts and help them realise their potential.

Not only will your child commit to an extra-curricular activity but the long term benefits of martial art are enormous. It is a practical life skill which emphasises on core values such as respect, discipline and self control.

Our classes comprise of two martial art forms – Jujitsu and Wing Chun. The integration of Chinese Kung Fu ( Wing Chun ) allows people of a physically smaller stature such as children to perform techniques effectively as it plays with angles and co-ordinations. Students will be able to learn wide ranging techniques of locks, throws, punching, kicking and ground fighting.

This program will be delivered in schools and colleges by our suitably trained, CRB checked, certified female martial art instructor – Jai Chan.

Sifu Jai has over ten years of experience teaching children and young adult in primary and secondary schools in London, Ireland and Hong Kong. In the past she worked with refugee children and anti- bullying workshops for troubled kids at schools funded by the Irish Government.

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